"Empty" Texture BMP file crashes Renoise

Hello. I want just inform you that “Empty” BMP Texture Files crashes Renoise reproducable. Seems to be an unhandled Exception. Maybe this is a security weakness and can be used for bad intentions too.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open your texturefile in Paint.net
  2. choose select all from Menu
  3. press delete key
  4. save file
  5. start Renoise and you get an CTD without Exception

Testet under Win10 Pro 64Bit latest Patch condition. Latest Renoise Version 3.4.3

And another thing thats i get aware last days. Renoise 3.4.3 seems to load songs at least by factor 4 or 5 slower under Win10, as under my old Win7 Pro 64. Is this normal behaviour?

happy tracking :slight_smile: