EMU 0404 PCI

Kicking a dead horse but, still haven’t gotten my card working on my Linux dist… tried everything… even other dostros… says it’s in… recognizes it… EVERYTHING… running parrot OS currently (devian I believe?) emu 0404 PCI card…

I don’t have anything to rely on other then this card that doesn’t work and Unix-like and Linux - NO WONDOWS. Lol.

Any conosours out there that might be up for a challange to help a fellow Renloser?


Hi mate,

Hopefully this is still relevant to you. I used to own the same card for many years and got it running under linux. There are some things to consider:

  1. There is a number of cards that will never work. Those were manufactured in the first few batches and linux firmware simply does not work with them. You can check if your card is one of them by googling the serial numbers of those first batches that wouldn’t work. You can then compare this with your card’s number. I sincerely don’t remember whether I got that number from the sticker on the card or through some command line magic. If the latter is true, you will find that using lspci command, I believe.
  2. If you are lucky to have a working card, then you will need the firmware (for Ubuntu-likes it used to be shipped in alsa-firmware package, you can find that package and see what’s inside. I think the firmware was for emu1010 or something like that)
  3. After installing the firmware, make sure it is loaded (dmesg will help you verify that)

Hope that helps!

Hey hey!!! YEA! This is PERFECT, it’s flic I the right direction! It does indeed say emu1010 which I’m aware is that which your looking for :wink:

So now furthering this convo… what should I or could I be doing to make it work after that :wink:

Trust me, this is AWESOME!! Thnx for taking the time…