Emu 64 Trick?

Hey-ho Renoisers!
I’m back from my holydays in Croatia and guess what… my pc, as for some kind of magic, is full of errors… so here I am reinstalling the whole system.
Alex, do you remember this thread? well… something has changed because I seem to be unable to do the same trick again… :(
If I do, it results in the sound being disabled and in a peculiar error about not having installed 0404 card ( :blink: )…
So actually I’m back to the “crash every now and then” mode <_<
Have they changed that package? Or it’s just me missing some step?

hi Parsec … you don’t need the emu x64 package again … everything you need are the current v1.8 drivers … offical available at www.emu.com

(but first you should install the drivers from your original emu-cd, after this the update you want)

I knew I was missing something :rolleyes:
Thanks, Alex… I’ll post more as long as I test more with Renoise

As far as I noticed, new 1.8 drivers are 100% working with Renoise! :D
No crashes so far (and I re-installed the os keeping it audio-dedicated this time)
YAY! :)