Emulate Classic Delay With Delay Dsp

I can’t figure out how emulate a kjaerhus classic delay vst with the native dsp.
I work in lpb 8 and want a mono delay that repeats every 8 lines but I can’t manage
to do it with the renoise delay. every time I try I get a kind of flanger sound over the original sound.
How can I do it without this side effect?

are you using send tracks?

No , I don’t in this example.

Should I? I don’t need to do that with classic delay to get it without artifacts but maybe there is a reason for it?

Why don’t you just post an .XRNS so we can actually hear what you’re talking about? Put Classic Delay on one track and Renoise Delay on another (as close as you can get it) so we can hear the difference.

Thnx I will do that. I saw your message just now I’m leaving, I will do so when I’m back later on.
It’s pretty important for me so I use all the help.

here it is

Renoise’s Delay definitely has a different sound to Kjaerhus Classic Delay, mainly because Renoise’s Delay does not perform any filtering, but unfortunately I can’t really hear the flanger sound you’re describing?

Edit: It might be useful to know exactly what your audio settings are, such as your sample rate. Perhaps you can test some other sample rates and see if the problem affects all of them or just a certain one?

I had at first the L/R pan set to zero at left and right, I think that is why I had the “flanger” sound thru the sample.
I do wish there was a simpler way to emulate the classic delay.
It seems the renoise delay adds some volume to the first hit and it’s maybe a overkill to have so much left/right
faders when trying to get a mono delay when wanting to adjust the time the delay is possible to hear.
Other than that, is there a way to emulate the filtering you talk about? To have it as smooth as the classic is?

Ofcourse I could simple keep using the classic delay, but I want to go multi OS so no matter what I can open my files on very computer (also in case of sending files to other people and xrns contests).

I have tried it at 44.1 and 48 KHZ, it did not matter.

In order to get that exact sound the filter needs to be applied inside the feedback loop itself, so that each delay tap actually gets filtered over and over again. Unfortunately it’s not really possible to do this natively with Renoise, because you can only apply a filter before or after the delay effect, but not ‘inside’ it. Renoise’s native delay simply needs to be redesigned with this in mind. It’s quite a common request, so hopefully we’ll see it in the future.

Aight, thanks for the explanation dblue . Yeah I would be happy to get rid of all these vst’s I use :)
It takes only MB’s and one works and other does not. Some eventual redesign and a low cpu native synth and
we are ready to roll renoise only.

Perhaps you could get closer by sending the track to multiple tracks each with a delay (mute source, no feedback) and then a filter/eq? Would be fun to try in any case…