Enable midi routing for all renoise instruments, not just for midi out plugins

Currently, midi routing is only possible, when you load up a plugin. But i want to use a phrase on an instrument which have his own phrases. I can load up a dummy plugin with midi out support(for simply passthrough midi data) to route it, but i think this should be possible all the time without any plugins. Maybe by adding an internal “Passthrough” plugin or simply enable this option all the time and internally route midi to the target.


A Renoise instrument can be a plugin, sample and MIDI out device - combined, so in this case you can simply enable a MIDI out device additionally to the samples or plugin instrument in the same instrument.

I mean the midi routing feature, which was added for VSTmidi effects. Change the midi out device of an instrument, doesn’t enable midi routing in the plugin tab. I dont want to use external hw, i just want to use the internal midi routing feature, which was added in Renoise 3.1 :slight_smile: