Enabling RT (Realtime Threads) on Linux

Hi,Im a total noob to this program,i downloaded the demo version,and was blown away by one of the demo tracks,the one with the guitar.anyway every time i start the program it says i need to enable rt?
im running ubuntu 8.04.1 with the 2.6.24-22-rt kernel.im used to running lmms,until i stumbled upon renoise.
and im going to buy it next week.although it looks complicated as hell and theres no piano roll to make the music.so how do i enable rt for renoise?
Rick :panic:

Hi, welcome.

Please read “Realtime Threads (Ho do I configure Linux to enable Realtime Threads for ALSA or JACK?)” topic in this page.

You only have to set it up as written there.

Ahhh.Thank you for the link!it now works in rt mode! :dribble:
much to learn!