Endless rotaries?

Does anyone know how I can emulate and/or use endless rotaries via the renoise api?

More specific, I want to receive and use increments +/-1 in my code, triggered by clockwise and/or counter-clockwise rotation of my endless rotary…


What are we talking about, something MIDI related here?

If you look in Duplex (UISlider), you’ll see the code for receiving many different kinds of relative MIDI messages.

  • Absolute 7 bit: Use the CC value as an absolute value.
  • Relative signed bit: Increase at [065 - 127], decrease at [001 - 063].
  • Relative signed bit 2: Increase at [001 - 063], decrease at [065 - 127].
  • Relative bin offset: Increase at [065 - 127], decrease at [063 - 000].
  • Relative two’s comp: Increase at [001 - 64], decrease at [127 - 065].

You’re welcome to use that as a starting point.

For a native viewbuilder component, no such thing exists. Not a big deal though, endless rotaries are normally implemented in hardware to control parameters that are difficult to control using a 7 bit range (for example, BPM). Renoise obviously don’t have this problem, as BPM can be represented in many other ways.

Thank’s a lot, that helped!