Endonyx - Crank 50% Version

having worked with trackers (protracker / fasttracker / modplugtracker) the first years of dabbling with music, renoise felt like coming home after 8 years of fruity loops and cubase agony…

well this track is definatly a work in progress but has the big picture already clearly outlined hehe.

Hi Endonyx,happy to hear that you have found your way back home ! I understand you about the Fruityloops part
(called FL Studio these days.) I myself was a FL Studio user for many years, felt misserable to, anyway thought I might give you some feedback.

I get the generall idea with your song (and I like it). But I gotta tell you that you have to work on the mix. For example:

  1. The volume is way to high (almost damaged my ears and my AKG headphones.)
  2. Even though Reverb almost is a main ingredient in these type of music, was to much I think. To much reverb can actually completly destroy a song
  3. When using Reverbs, try not to use it on all your channel´s.

So I say it again, I like your song idea. But try to make a better mix and I think it can be great !!

Respect/RT :walkman:

Ps, sorry for my spelling, but I hope you can understand me anyway :unsure:

Edit: Just remembered, this might help you along the way, I had the same problem once so I got this link from another forum member, http://www.renoise.com/indepth/tutorials/monitoring-for-gold-triangulation-for-final-mix-translation/ ;)

thanks for the replie, like i said it’s still a work in progress and i do love noisy music hehe. but it is still a bit ruffer then needed to be haha.

+1 for the noisy music :) , have fun and learn… Gotta go and and track me some trance tracks now (i´m a noob at Renoise to :lol:) hoping that someday I get courage enough to get a soundcloud account, hehe… All the best to you !

Edit: speaking of souncloud, Just had a listen to some of your other stuff, sounded really nice I must say… And my guess is that most of those tracks was produced in FL ??

thanks for the compliment. mostly fl studio indeed and some cubase…

Your welcome ;) , yeah I thought I recognized some of the effects and also some Ts-404 in there ;)

Nice tune, and your other harcore tunes too, much power in it. So its sounds fl and cubase is not so bad after all:)

thanks again, and i never said both are not fit to make powerfull music with but just can’t work fast with cubase and i dislike the soundengine of fl studio… did love the workflow haha :)

new preview shortly :)

Awsome ! :drummer: Looking forward to hear it ! :D