Endonyx - Hulk Smash


yey finally finished a new track, this one went quite smooth all the way :) i enjoyed making this and i hope you enjoy listening it to :)

WARNING : full on chaos strings and distorions :P

Awesome work! You should totally send this track to the film makers of the Avenger’s movie and maybe they can use it while Hulk literally smashes everything haha!

thumbs up, man! the MOST awesome piece of hardcore i´ve heard since years! ermm…where is the download-button… :slight_smile: beg



vet :)

bit bud orange > now that would be excellent ;) or they would sue me for sampling :P hahaha

if they´d sue you for sampling, i´m sure HULK would SMASH his own creators…that´s because i think that HULK is a hardcore-junkie wearing some black hooded-sweatshirts with a white hardcore-print on it in his spare-time. ;)



oldman > hahaha that would be AWESOME ! send me your mailadres through pm i’ll e-mail the track to you :)

anymore takers ?