Energy Xt - Renoise Takes Over Midi


I’ve been testing this for some time now and just untill recently it appeared to me that i should try this inside Cubase SX.

The notes play ok to external hardware synths under Cubase SX 3 (using the same program in energy XT as in Renoise) - so this must have something to do with renoise taking over all of the midi ports. :confused:

I’ve not tested this with NI reaktor yet but I think it’s sequencer will behave just the same - will report later this week on this.

Just another idea from me, maybe try not to use the MIDI-port you use for VST2MID for Renoise (aka, disable MIDI-Out in Renoise). Maybe Renoise is hogging that MIDI-Port. If this should help then there are ways to overcome this (with midi-yoke, will explain that later).

oh, was supposed to post this on the bug forum… well :)

Hmm that is a good idea… Is there a way to disable renoise seeing a MIDI port? I think my renoise recognizes them automatically and one can make settings only for the master keyboard?

YEah… I actually found out a way to overcome this :) Virus TI has a kind of a bug or a feature that if it is not powered on before the sequencers, they wont recognize its midi port since it is a usb device :):slight_smile:

Now just by powering virus on after renoise does the trick :D

Yeah… finally it’s time to test the midi on Energy XT :):slight_smile:

edit: double question :)

edit2: If this topic could be moved to the bug report forum it would bee cool… i accidentally posted this to a wrong forum :)

I have moved this post to help & support.
Renoise currently opens/uses all MIDI device when starting. We will try to change this in future though, so that only used devices are actually opened/blocked.

ahh ok :) thanx for the reply taktik :) I just thought i had been so tired that i posted this to a wrong forum :D:smiley:

Actually i personally think that is a really good thing that renoise opens up all the midi ports. <3
But what (in my humble opinion) might need some adjusting is that renoise now “blocks” other softwares for using the midi outputs. But maybe it is a hard thing to implement this kind of behaviour.

Edit: incorrect data. After doing some late night testing Midi data actually can be sent from Energy XT to Midiyoke channels and renoise does not take over these. The Midi data is also sharp and no drop outs or bugs this way.

And sorry for flooding the forums on these topics…

As I said on the other thread, don’t worry about “flooding”, it’s important you got it worked out, and I am glad you did.