English People, Don'T Be Ashamed Of Your Humor!

Ok, Sorry for the bad topic title :P
I watched “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” tonight.
Even if it is not really a Great Movie, it was guffawing! I didn’t remember Mr Bean was so funny. What you fellas think about him?

when i read the title i was thinking , fawlty towers ,
monty python , red dwarf , black adder , one foot in the grave , harry enfield .

Mr Bean I have to say never came to mind, only thing i can remember is him getting changed in his car…

British humour is great but I definitely wouldn’t put Mr Bean up at the top out of all the amazing comedies we have made. Used to quite enjoy the programs when I was a lot younger and it worked as half hour segments but found the film a bit much and an hour and half of comedy mainly based around cringe-worthy situations, although it can be kinda funny, really isn’t a gem of comedy in any way.

monty python ftw !

What, behind the rabbit?

Bean is genius in his sort, well, at least it worked for the series. Luckily, Atkinson outgrows the Bean character in Blackadder.

monty python, the young ones, a bit of fry and laurie, black books (that’s the best imo!!), believe in nothing, the green wing, my family, the secret policeman’s ball, bottom, the benny hill show, not the nine o’clock news, the fast show, spitting image, the mighty boosh, fawlty towers, etcetera ad infinitum…

Except for the fact Black Adder was well before Mr Bean.

IT Crowd has to be one of the best comedies in the last few years though. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. (Nothing to do with Rowan Atkinson.)

My fault. I’ve seen Bean well before the Black Adder, so it felt like that :unsure:

Look, your arm’s off.

No it’s not. 'tis but a scratch.

Modern comedy-wise
Black Books: Dylan Moran (brilliant) is Irish as is the director (Graham Linehan) same for IT crowd.
Green Wing was excellent. Also the work of Armando Iannucci is beautiful!
Everything Chris Morris, the master of satire (along with Iannucci) is worth a look also.

Mr Bean, though OK, does NOT epitomise British humour.

British and Irish humour rule the roost a far as I’m concerned; Never been ashamed of that!

THe young ones was one of my most favorite shows as a teenager, Mr. Bean was a favorite before that when I was younger. Mr. Bean could probably still get a laugh from me though. Had lot’s of friends into Monty Python and Benny Hill, but I never really got it. I tried watching IT Crowd and Peepshow but I also haven’t gotten those either. Early seasons of Shamless was pretty good, even though it wasn’t primarily a comedy.

Going to check out the titles in the thread.


we’re forgetting chris morris…

edit: just found this too…can’t stop cracking up in the office…HOLY MOLY


EDITEDIT: kickofighto mentioned him already…

Yeah Chris Moris is brilliant and had been mentioned.

Have a lot of time for Mark Thomas myself.

Also personally thought the first couple of series of The League of Gentlemen was very funny, although obviously not going to be everybody’s humour.

I have seen some episodes last year, extremely bizar, I am tempted to d/l the whole bunch
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I enjoy some British comedy. I have to agree with some of the other posters that Mr. Bean really isn’t that great though. The Monty Python stuff is funny somewhat though definately overplayed. Eastenders is a funny show from the UK.

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Peter Serafinowicz = pure bloody win :)


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