Enhancement Of Midi-cc Mapping

hi there.
i’ve been using an external midicontroller with renoise and think the combination has potential for use in live performance. i think the controller mapping needs a couple improvements first, though-

first i’d like to be able to map any given controller to more than one parameter at once. for instance, if i wanted one knob to control the dry parameter of a lo-fi effect while simultaneously controlling the wet amount (but inverted)… this would make many new things possible with an external controller, even crossfading between tracks. of couse it would be important that each knob assignment have its own independently specified range and the option to invert.

second, the extra functionality would demand that the midi-cc assignment list have its own editing page or popup window. once knobs are assigned to more than one destination a way is needed to view the routing for each knob and add/remove assignments. (already it’s hard to keep track of what knob goes where with memory alone, i have to tape descriptions to the controller.)

one last thing, which may be more of a personal thing: i’d like the option to toggle midi-cc recording to automation separately from the general edit mode toggle. it would be cool to be able to edit patterns without worrying that tweaking knobs will overwrite my automations.


sorry, my whole post didnt get in there right away… i think with an enhanced method for viewing and editing assignments there is no good reason one shouldn’t be able to assign to multiple destinations.


oh, and screw ableton live. renoise owns it already.

I second your views here. I too see Renoise as potentially well suited to live work. It lacks some important features though, and so I put together a picture demonstrating some of the functionality I desire, in addition to your midi cc proposal. By the way, for a good example of multiple parameters mapped to single controllers is Plogue Bidule. There isn’t much that software can’t do, except that it’s interface is terrible at present and it’s actual song writing capabilities are very limited in terms of sequencing.


Please excuse the colour scheme. It’s really a rough idea. I ran out of oomph putting the numbers and so on over all the knobs, so you’ll have to use your imagination ;)

There are two premises in the image: a loop preset function for the sequencer, and a “control desk” section where knobs and slider can be created and assigned to any dsp slider.

The reason for the latter is because it condenses the most important parameters that may change during a live performance down to one screen for easy viewing/changing.

The loop presets for the sequencer would just be extra sequences that can be saved and brought back with a hotkey. The main sequence would never be removed, and will always remain and function as it does now. Each loop preset would just be initially a blank sequence where the user can enter any sequence of patterns desired. I guess more than 8 may be needed for a decent live performance but it’ll do for illustration purposes.

Also note that the current step in the currently playing pattern can be seen in the column wedged between the sequencer and the control desk. This is on purpose and I think would be nice to have.

This leaves a lot of room for improvement :) Any ideas?

I don’t use Renoise for live performances, but I can see that it could with some improvements to the midi learn and also loop presets become very useful.

I love the idea of loop presets, they are useful also when testing new ideas. Though they should be saved with each song, otherwise they are useless.

Loop presets would also be very useful for live performance especially if the loop presets could be controlled by midi buttons.

There could be two ways of controlling them, one button/slider could scroll the loop presets value up and down.

The other way of controlling them would be to assign them to specific buttons.

The best way to implement loop presets would be if you could have an unlimited amount of them, by adding new presets and when there is no room to show more on screen you could scroll the view of them like you scroll patterns.

Btw the other things that would be very useful for improving the midilearn is if you could assign, functions like start/stop song, loop pattern on/off and record on/off, jump pattern up/down to midi keys.

That way it would be much easier when live recording with a midi keyboard.

Great suggestions! :yeah:
These are things that I miss too - I really enjoy improvising a lot when I play live.

I’d call it Sequence Presets, or perhaps just Sequences instead of Loop Presets.
I made a suggestion to what I would call Loop Presets you know (think I sortof missed this thread tho :unsure: ):
Live Performance, On stage with Renoise

Would work nicely if you could save a bunch of loop presets with each sequence preset - of course they’d also need hotkeys/midi-assignable for turning the loops on/off.

Edit: Btw antialias, I really liked “acidacid”. :walkman:

Yeah, sorry, I should’ve given credit to you on the sequencer idea. It’d work well when combined with improved midi-cc assignment capabilities.

Come to think of it, the knobs and sliders would do well with some kind of labelling feature to aid the user in remembering what parameters are being affected, rather than just using a track-effect-parameter numerical reference.

I like acidacid too, it sounds a bit like autechre to me, which is a good thing because they’re my favourite act. I hope you dont take offence to this anti :)