Enhancement To Midi Controlling.

Since most of us are using MIDI controllers that have a limited amount of knobs and this would also be an easier way to control the plug-ins to everyone I’d like to suggest a little change to the way midi control is applied.

What do you others feel,

Wouldn’t it be better if the same knob of a controller could be applied to multiple VST’s and VSTi’s? The knob tweaks would only affect the plug-in selected or “on top” and leave others unchanged.

I think it would really open up creative possibilities.

After that… We could save and load Controller templates for each plug-in and they would not mess up the others.

I already had a small chat with taktik about that at evoke. I’ve seen this solution in sonar (I think, some guy I visited some time ago had it) and it has “global” and “local” controllers. means, some knobs are always controlling one specific value while the other knobs modulate values that depend on which VST(i)-Window is open/selected. It has a huge library of controllers and VST(i)'s and does link those two together based on that, means if I open a VST(i) and move a knob on my controller and (given the fact sonar “knows” both) chances are good the knobs are already linked to “useful” knobs in the VST(i). Which is one of the things only a big company can do, they put some underpaid interns in a cellar with alot of controllers and VST(i)s and get a library with data after a few months.

But for Renoise we could definately have something similar, setting Midi-controllers to “always” or “only if selected”. Though I have to say I almost never use all 16 controllers my keyboard offers.

Why not make this a scriptable item? Like Reason’s Remote Files… Then all the BS would be left up to the user.

+1 again.

Is somebody want to, i can give MAP file for Novation`s Remote ZeroSL to use in renoise.

In some hosts it’s called “MIDI grouping”. Very useful feature indeed