Enhancing Automation

  1. Copy and paste for parts of an automation curve.

  2. Selecting part of the automation and then replacing/modulating that with a generated piece of curve (sine, square, ramp, noise etc, with lots of parameters… maybe even functions?). “Exponential” and “Random” is just is not enough, and the fact that the whole curve just gets replaced by it makes even that it not very useful.

  3. Linear and Cubic (and more!) toggleable for individual points, and the ability to “stretch” a point vertically in order to make a real hard cut.

  4. multiple Envelopes! e.g. you create (see above :)) a sine wave, and a second envelope that ramps up… both get non-destructively combined and only THEN applied to a parameter (or to more than one). I haven’t really thought about how exactly this would work, but I think this could be very powerful even if kept simple.

LFOs would then not control a paramter, but a certain envelope. Wether that envelope gets mapped directly to a parameter or is modulated by other envelopes first is not the concern of the LFO.

You can already work with smaller parts of the envelopes:

Normal envelope:

Select a part of the envelope by clicking/dragging in this small area above the envelope where the numbers are:

Now you can apply the other functions to just that part:

You can also copy/paste parts of the envelope this way. Simply select a part, then right-click in the area above the envelope and choose copy, left-click once at the new position you want to paste the data, right-click and choose paste. (Alternatively, if the automation window already has the focus, simply use ctrl+c and ctrl+v).


Doh, thanks a LOT! Yay, I never knew :lol:

This idea of INTEGRATED ENVELOPES sounds nice.

Using linear and cubic together in one automation curve has been discussed in earlier topics, yes this would be a cool feature.

A sidechain device would work the same way: instead of directly controlling a parameter, it would generate an envelope.

Oh hey, and what about one envelope controlling several envelopes? Maybe with an adjustable “offset” and “factor” for each parameter, too…