Enter button to match BPMs?

Is there a way to have the enter button match the designated BPMs of the song when pressed?

What song? If you mean a sample, renoise doesn’t have beat detection afaik so it’s not possible.

Maybe not what you need but I use this tool if I want to sync the BPM to something else.

I mean on the edit or sample page; like when you hold down the Enter button it goes zooming down the page and doesn’t sound like the song being played. It would be nice if holding the Enter button was like pressing the play button and matched the set BPM and LPB.

You can change the key bindings in Preferences. To me it sounds like you want to assign Enter instead of Shift+RAlt or Shift+RCtrl. (The enter command ‘Play Line’ is under the pattern editor menu of the key bindings)