Enter Exact Value Into Track Automation

When i am viewing the automation for say a delay on a snare sample.
Is there any way i can enter an exact value for one of the points in the automation?
Currently, I hold control and move the mouse but sometimes i spend a bit of time trying to get it set exactly on 145 for example on one automation point.

If there is please tell me how!
If not, i think this would be a great feature.

Thanks! :walkman:

Create another instance of the plugin just for temporary reasons
Enter the exact value in the slider’s value box (double click and type)
go to automation and double click that parameter, the first node will have that exact value.
click the ruler above that node to have it selected, copy it (ctrl-c, beware the automation window has keyboard focus!) and paste it on the other effect automation parameter.

Remove the automation curve of the temp-plug so you can redo it again for a different value.
If you have a few values you can then just select each of the values in the ruler-bar above or below the automation window and select the node containing the exact value you want to copy and paste somewhere else.
Or you can select a range and apply ctrl-p (continues paste) for pasting a selection in a sequence.