Enter Key

Is there a possibility to map ENTER key (from classical “101”-key keyboard) as normal note-on (like in FT2, Skale and others) ?

you can remap almost any shortcut in

Edit => Preferences => Keys

I don’t get what you mean with “normal note-on” so I can’t be usre it can be done

Normally Enter (Return) is assigned as “Play current line”. I can unmap it in preferences - sure - but I don’t know how to map this key to standard “note insertion” (note-on)

For example if you press “q” it gives “C-5”, “y” gives “A-5” and I want Enter (Return) to give “A-6”.
(that what I mean by “note-on” which I took from MIDI-specific slang).

Thanks in advance for help.

The ‘Computer Keyboard Piano’ is currently hardcoded into Renoise and can not be changed.

I would like to see this behavior change in the future as well, as I don’t need to use (waste) so many keys on that
One octave would be more then enough for me, as I use midi keyboard a lot.
I would like to free up more keys for quicker access to functions that is more useful to me.

Oh that is sad. Anyhow I agree that it would be useful, even if I would go in opposite direction to you, Pysj (You need less keys, I need more).

It seems that this topic should continue on “Ideas and suggestions” forum :).