Enter values for vst fx parameters - why percentages only?

When you enter values next to the parameter sliders for vst fx, it sometimes doesn’t apply it correctly.

Try following steps:

  • use dblues glitch 1.3
  • show theparameter sliders for this effect
  • enter “1” to the RandSeed parameter
  • Renoise will set it to “3,6”

I stumbled over this on the previous version of renoise, too.

For many (all, I think?) VST 2 plugins, Renoise does not actually know what the valid parameter range is. Renoise only knows that the raw parameter value is some floating point number from 0.0 to 1.0.

The displayed value you see — ie. “360”, “1234hz”, “3 beats”, etc — is converted and handled internally by the plugin itself, not by Renoise. In other words, Renoise simply asks the plugin “What is this parameter’s current display value?”, and the plugin returns some text string.

The Seed parameter in Glitch 1.3 goes from 0 to 360. (Don’t ask me why I chose this range when I made the plugin, I simply can’t remember!)

When you manually set the parameter value in Renoise, notice that the value is presented from 0% (0.0) to 100% (1.0) instead.

So when you enter a value of “1” you are therefore entering 1%, and 1% of the maximum seed 360 is… 3.6 :slight_smile:

6410 renoise-glitch-1-3-seed.png

hi dblue and taktik,

regarding the displaying of the values, I am really missing that “What is this parameter’s current display value?” - question in the automation view, that always only displays 0%-100%. Which kinda is annoying for various parameters:

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Here a.k.a. “Hell, which waveform did I now select at this point?”

Thx for your explanation, dblue.