Entering a chord via lua script


I am new to renoise and loving the scripting capability.

I want to write a script that inserts multiple note values at a given line, in a track. I executed the following statements (one by one) at the Lua terminal:

nc1 = renoise.song().patterns[1].tracks[1].lines[1].note_columns[1]

nc1.note_value = 60

nc2 = renoise.song().patterns[1].tracks[1].lines[1].note_columns[2]

nc2.note_value = 62

I am able to see the first note in the pattern editor, but not the second one. What is the correct snippet to enter multiple note values for a given line?



I am able to see the first note

That is exactly the problem. You can’t see the note, but it’s actually there.

After running the script, try going into the pattern editor and hit SHIFT+CTRL+Right arrow

(Increase Number of Columns in keyboard shortcuts) - you should see the D-5 note in the second column.

In Lua you would simply execute this statement to do the same thing

renoise.song().tracks[].visible_note_columns = [some value]

Thanks a ton! That works.