Entering dest min value in signal follower has no effect?


if you change the value “Dest. Min.” in the signal follower by entering a value in the number field, the entered number will not have any effect. Instead the last slider value still is used.

To clarify this:

After you entered the value, the slider graphics was moved to the value’s position, BUT you still will hear the old value! So make sure you wired to something audible while testing.

Can you please attach a small demo song where you can reliably trigger this problem?

I quickly tested it here (on Windows, fwiw) with a signal follower connected to a filter cutoff, but I could not seem to recreate the problem you’ve described. I typed in a dest min value, it went in correctly, and the signal follower + filter combo behaved in the expected manner.

Strange, I cannot reproduce it, though I am quite sure it was there like described… :slight_smile: A pity I did not save that project state… Maybe topic can be deleted.