Entering Notes By Hand?

maybe I am just dumb, but do I really have to use the keyboard or a midi keyboard to enter notes?

Isn’t it possible to enter them by hand (scrool through them or something)?

By “by hand” you mean by mouse? Entering notes directly with the keyboard is one of the advantages of an intuitive tracker interface. Using all your fingers to enter notes instead of one “virtual finger” a.k.a. the mouse makes much more sense. The piano roll is a planned feature, but personally I want none of that…

you can also make sure that you aren’t in “follow pattern” mode…
that might help enter things in manually

If you turn off the instrument prehear function, instruments will not be inserted into your pattern when you select an instrument if you have record mode enabled at that time.

To move the particular row that remains at a certain spot, press the “enter” key to move it to the current row.

This highlighted bar will remain centered if you turn on pattern follow mode (so it will always be where your pattern cursor is as well)

Hope this has sorted out a few of your quirky looking experiences.

Thank you, that does work. I simply wasn’t pushing enter after selecting the row I wanted. Is there somewhere that I can change my settings to avoid the pushing “enter” processes?

Besides to turn the pattern follow mode (scroll-lock key) to on?
Not that i can think of.

I just meant even with the pattern follow mode turned on, I still have to push the enter key to get to the row I want. Otherwise, instruments are inserted at the original row, or whatever row I stop playback on, even though it’s no longer hilighted. I don’t wanna beat this to death, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Thanks for the help.

If you have the instrument prehear turned on, notes will be inserted in your pattern while record/edit mode is being turned on. Wether this will be at the spot the higlighted bar is is probably a coincidence since notes are inserted where your note-cursor is.
Just use the arrow keys to navigate your note-cursor to the cell of the track you want to insert data and it should work out allright.
To navigate it to the next track or respective previous track, use the tab-key / lshift tab.

Right Next Column
Left Previous Column
Down Next Row
Up Previous Row
LShift + LControl + Up Previous Row With Edit Step
LShift + LControl + Down Next Row With Edit Step
LShift + LControl + PgUp Previous Row With Note
LShift + LControl + PgDn Next Row With Note
LControl + Tab Jump One Track Forward
LShift + LControl + Tab Jump One Track Back
LControl + W Jump One Track Page Forward
LControl + Q Jump One Track Page Back
Tab Jump To Next Note Column
LShift + Tab Jump To Previous Note Column