envelope ahdsr 101

Could anyone please explain how to use envelope to fade out guitar strums?

what is the difference about +*-/ modes?

how to use sustain?

is there any easy command to just smooth out strum samples (a small fade out and a small amount of atack maybe?)

uploading a 4/4 take in D 70bpm. I want to lay out it to a 9/4 phrase. How can I manage get physical phrase (human feel like 4/4 take)?

in second instrument, 2nd slice is a little forward. What is best position to chop-slice commands? (earlier in attack, after first transient?) Auto slice does not do it right I think

think about the ±/ modes like math operations. it will act on what is left from it. so “+” mode will add the devices action, “-” substract, "" multiply, “/” is division. The devices act on a range of 0.0…1.0, only pitch and pan will center zero and go -1.0…1.0. The leftmost operator will be the base slider. If you set it to 1.0, and put an envelope in multiplication mode ("*"), it will modulate the volume by its graph between silence (0.0) and full volume (1.0) by how you set its points. The main graph will show you how the resulting volume envelope will be, with the release stage shifted to the right. The release is only triggered if you issue a note off (when entering notes use “a” or Caps Lock key to enter it), then the normal envelope will be stopped jumping to the release stage.

The volume graph operation won’t be the total volume of playback. It will only modify what already is recorded in the sample. You as artist have to take it into account while designing your instruments.

what is unclear to you about sustain? it will freeze the operation at a certain level. If you wish to hold a strum sample for longer than it really is, you will need to loop it. And craft the loop in ways to be smooth in the sample itself. Your samples already fade out, so smoothing them would just mean manipulating the volume the samples themselves already have. If you add a fade out envelope, the sample will only fade out faster than it is recorded. And you will need to manage the envelope in sync to the sample, an envelope that is longer than the sample (or slice) will operate on nothing (silence) unless looping is involved.

Not sure what you are trying with the second sample, cutting off the actual strum? it sounds very synthetic. Also the first note in both samples has the strum cut off. the sample playback won’t trigger anything before the start of the sample or the slice marker, so setting the markers to the peaks will actually cut the strum off completely. If I have samples with grace notes I can’t trigger individually, I set the notes in pattern data ahead in time and add the right amount of silence to the samples so the peak is on spot. I know it sucks. but renoise can’t better.

I don’t get what you write about physical phrases and human feel. Maybe if you elaborate, we could help you with it. “human feel” sounds like calling for complicated solutions though…

That was a diamond! Thank you for your clear response!

By human feel I mean get close to real player. My hole sample recorded at once. So I want to quantize it (through slices in right position in phrase) but not loose real performance.

Many of us use loop points (backwards etc), it would be nice to mimic strumming tail and use it as loop tail to fill the gap! in each hit. I know it is to complicated.

May be a cut of fade out some milliseconds before next strumming hit would solve the issue.

That was my idea to fade out strums (is there any short command except envelopes? off, occ, etc? ).

I thought this was a quick little idea to show the Oxx command to fade out samples :slight_smile:

Inspiration day! Thank you

that is a fair solution

I want to lay out it to a 9/4 phrase…https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-2-8-3-0-flexible-pattern-resizer/30664