Envelope And Send Channel Per Drumkit Sample

I saw that there have already been multiple people on the forum asking about the lacking ‘envelope per drum kit sample’ feature.
I hope to see it in the next version because drum kits are kinda pointless without the ability to modify the sample envelopes.

You should also be able to apply DSP effects on separate samples to make drum kits really useful.
So a send channel option per drumkit sample would be appreciated!


This would be realllly awesome, especially if it were a little bit like: make envelopes - link to different samples - drum sum - adjust envelope lengths one by one or altogether - ??? - profit
or something. I mean, that one could draw multiple envelopes, but also still have some samples point to the same envelope.

The second suggestion gets a second +1. This style of routing is kind of un-renoise, in renoise you normally just drum the kicks, then the snares on a second track, etc., which also works really nice btw, or drum them together and split to tracks with a tool… But to have an instrument (in-song-bound only) auto-route samples to different tracks: priceless.


Envelopes per sample are really missing from making the sampler perfectly usable for drums. Also the send idea seems nice (or the ability to send certain samples to certain tracks or something).

While you’re at it, add a delay property (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc.) to instruments aswell. :D
With this feature it would become a lot easier creating groovy beats with swing.
In the current version you can only work with delay in ms on the track mixer or use fx commands on the columns.

Now for that I would at this point in time recommmend the use of one of my delay tools: Push Back and/or Push Back Keys, and Laydee. (link)

short explanation might be in place here;

  • Laydee does right what you state, you can enter a specific amount of ‘sublines’ (delay values, 1 subline = 1/256th line) to shift a track back or forth, so e.g. press Shift+O (that’s what I chose, for track Output delay) and then move with left/right for steps of 16 sublines or up/down for single steps, until you get the groove you want, know that it can only be sublines though, so a value of 128 (80hex) gives a 32nd note delay in a default 4lpb setup.
  • Push Back & Push Back Keys as their names suggest work by the same principle, but instead of track parameters they modify the actual pattern. You first set Edit Step in renoise to the beat(read:line) count you want to make ‘swing’ and then modify this groove kind of parameter. Example, if you rockin a 1/8th hihat that’s programmed to steady, machine like, on a song with 4 lpb, you can put the edit cursor on line #2(3rd line), set edit step to 4, and then press the shortcut for Push Back Keys and press Right arrow button a few times (hint, start with small values)

Note that down button is used for ‘more’ delay… because the player rolls down from the top of the pattern, it was more intuitive in the end to use it like this. Some other tools I’ve made may use down button for a smaller value etc. That’s how things go.

(PS You can also insert a silence at the start of a sample, but it seems pretty backward to use it like that, if you have track output delay)