Envelope Device

This is something that I’ve been wishing for the more I use Renoise… and I think it could help everyone… essentially, a Meta Device that packages the Renoise envelope interface… yet controls a single DSP parameter (kinda like the LFO device)… it would have 2 “triggers”, being note-on and note-off commands in the pattern editor, and would therefore it wouldn’t matter what kind of instrument you were using.

Either way, I think this would be a really cool meta device to have… hopefully others agree too :)

Yeah, I’ve often found myself wishing that I could route the envelopes (from the Instrument Editor) to other things, but I think an Envelope device would be an even better way of doing it.

This would be great for doing filter envelopes on bass (a la Jungle bass) and such.

I just think it would be cool to envelope things like distortion or echo… being able to put volume envelopes on VSTi using the gain DSP would be quite nice too.

… and there’s part of me that really wants to make messed up instruments by enveloping buffer override :P

I soundly agree… An envelope device would be rad to the max, though i’d like to be able to send it commands like what offset to play from, when to reset, etc.
This is, in a way, what i’ve been on about with my scripting babble, so yah, more ability to route parameter settings is total thumbs up for me.

Wouldn’t you be able to do that by just sending a xFxx command to the effect? … seems to me that the envelopes would have those settings anyway

another idea… that I thought of when thinking of the envelope device, but that really doesn’t have much to do with it… the ability to have a looped sample play the chunk after the loop after noteoff

I too give it the ol’ thumbs up. And a rating of 3 cheerios and a rejuvenating soft drink. Hope that’s ok.

WOOHOO!! REJUV DRINK!!! watches his HP fill up

Here’s a conceptual image to wet your tastebuds:

Wouldn’t this just kick ass? Can you imagine controlling a funky plugin like dblue glitch with this? I’d give my left testicle for… well, I wouldn’t give my left testicle for anything, but I’d LOVE to have this metadevice :w00t:

You can of course control Glitch (and any other plugin/dsp effect) with Renoise’s automation envelopes, but I agree, it would be nice to have a seperate envelope that could be retriggered at will, rather than the envelope being attached to the actual pattern itself (and somewhat difficult to use creatively).

well, I was thinking it could be directly linked to noteon and noteoff… but perhaps there should be a way to trigger it manually if need be

Also, scrubbing the envelope the same way you can if you hack the Reset parameter on the LFO device would be nice :P