Envelope Device

Came to think of this when discussing in another thread. Might be discussed before but here’s my idea.

An Envelope device like this one would be really awesome especially if you used it together with a Velocity device.

Control any setting in the DSP chain using an envelope that triggers on a note. Since there’s already envelopes controlling volume/pan/cutoff/Resonance etc using samples a similar envelope would be really useful for controlling parameters in a Midi CC device, or other devices in the DSP chain.

Imagine asigning an evelope to a knob in your favorite VSTi and a Velocity device controlling parameters in your envelope. Possibilities are endless, but for this to work properly there need to be some updates in the DSP chaining capabilities.

This is a great idea I think, and it have already been discussed several times.
But as you said, this device would not get it’s fully potential before the instrument (and that also includes the DSP’s) will be updated.
But this is already well in the thought process of the new xrni structure and would for sure be looked at closer when the time is right.

that’s a pretty decent idea man. only tricky thing is when destinations have multiple parameters that require multiple instances of this device. -that would surely want to be linked in some way.

fine mockup man. this same mockup would work excellent for an instrument device that allowed loop type changes, multiple loop point sets. and an instrument envelope controllable.

i like your idea man!

Agreed. I would really like to see one device like this control several parameters from several devices in the chain. Some advanced device linking should be possible, or at least possibility to add more devices and parameters to a single envelope.


Looks really nice. And would be really useful but what i’m looking for is something that works the other way around. Let’s say you want to asign an envelope to a reverb-roomsize slider. then I would like to click that slider and select an input, rather than create a device and select where to output it.

Just click the input checkbox next to your slider in your favorite DSP and select “envelope 1” as input, “lfo 1” , or whatever. (wich means possible multiple imputs of course :)