Envelope Device


so I’m playing with the LFO in custom mode and i’ve got some ideas,
first of all i’ve been thinking , that it would be nice to be able to trigger different envelope settings
from the box like in repeater, you would create different envelopes save them as presets (as you can already do in lfo and then trigger them the way you like)
then i was thinking about reset button, and for envelope it would be better to “trigger” button and then i was thinking , this could probably be the whole new
meta device as lfo is ok as it is now,

so my proposal is

let’s just make Envelope dedicated device, where you can set a parameter that will be controlled by the envelope then draw (use preset) different envelopes and
store them in the box, then be able to control what envelope is used either via automation or writing tracker effects like (for example E is the envelope x is the number of the envelope stored in the box)
E0 would be default using first envelope E1 if you switch to another one etc you would only need one digit for 16 different envelopes in the device which should be plenty,

some suggestions - it might be nice to be able to lock the envelopes for note triggering, so whenever you enter note the envelope is used, then if you want to use envelope without notes you can always trigger it back
using Ex command

in the window where you draw the envelope i would prefer to have rows displayed instead of number of points, so 00-10 would be 1 bar (hex) so you could directly see what value will the envelope have
in theory you could write the whole automation with this envelope, the advantage being, that you could just store different envelopes in the device and then just trigger them easily wherever in the pattern
without need of going to automation screen

LOOP - would be nice to set loop points in the envelope too, with an option of repeating 1x , 2x , 3x , 4x and continuosly (little lfo) unlike LFO reset , this device would actually have a STOP button which you could trigger for
lfo, the loop doesnt mean you have to loop whole envelope like you do in LFO metadevice, but instead, you would set points like in the instrument and you could use forward/reverse or pingpong


sorry for the lack of visual but i suppose you get the meaning anyway - i added a reverse button that came in mind, it would do the same as trigger just using the envelope from the right to the left

  • one more thing, as the envelope would not be continuous as LFO is, i think this would bring another great thing, because as soon as the envelope would end, it would release usage of automation without needing
    of turning off the device, - one option here would be, that you could perhaps set the envelope device, so when it finishes it’s process it would return parameter value to the same value the parameter had when you triggered the
    envelope , or you could leave it at the point where the envelope finishes

I would love to see this device in action , already have thousands of ideas where i would use it :)
oh yeah - resolution, it would be great if you could use more than 256 values as renoise now supports higher resolution, at least for internal plugins like filter if the plugins are limited by midi
or something like that

I wanted something related but different.

A way to record live into your Cutom LFO curve. Thus being able to change its shape on the fly yet still have it repeating at whatever rate.

Not 100% sure of best way to do it and only skim read your post as just about to go to work so I apologise if much of a side track.

But big +1 to ability to save and load presets in stored within a particular LFO device (which I think is close to the basics of what you mean.)

but this is the point, let’s just have a brand new device, LFO as it is has it’s purpose and use for sure, and your ability to record the curve
could actually be used in both devices imo! - but personally i think LFO’s custom envelope options are kinda limited , they work good for shaping your LFO continuosly
but main difference would be that envelope would be based on triggering in the first place, not reseting the lfo

  • I think it’s good to have classic LFO device because everybody is acustomed to it, and sometimes you really just want a simple sinewave for controling parameter,
    the device I suggest is more about precise managment and in theory it’s just an advanced LFO metadevice - if the usage of loops would be included , but unlike LFO device,
    you wouldn’t need sine/square/random buttons anymore, instead of them you’d have your own presets