Envelope Editing - Now With Size-handles

From top to bottom:

  1. There’s your envelope.
  2. Select some.
  3. Choose an edge.
  4. Drag it.

  • The vertical bounds of the selection box are to just cover the lowest/highest point in the selection.
  • Sizing an edge can be done with high sensitivity (slowed mouse reaction), like sliders currently are.
  • Readings of max value, min value as tooltips above + below the selection box (not illustrated).
  • Selection is draggable as usual, but without using the Alt-key.
  • Horizontal resizing might best be left for when >1 envelope point-per-line resolution is implemented (please :rolleyes:)

I originally intended to propose this feature in response to my need to quickly make an exponential curve and then set its starting and finishing volumes. Clearly it can be used for finer control over LP filters especially in low frequencies, and so forth…

Excellent idea and visual representation! Please make more of these mockups.

I have done… before.
Jonas, you might have seen my controversial piano roll fantasy:

Down the page is a the most detailed and developed image/concept:

Annotated version:

Many hours put into those. Probably a bit much detail to swallow in the one shot, not to mention being thrown off by the non-standard colour scheme :)

EDIT: I just posted a virtual “bump” of the above images to the thread with a small commentary. The reaction should be interesting :)

I like the idea and the implementation. Probably not going to make it for the 1.9 release tho…

Excellent idea!

Really great explanation and presentation too. Good work!

That would be handy, excellent pics.

looks great and usefull!
though, I’m demanding that you should not only be able to drag the “edges”, but also the “corners” of the rectacle. This should result in applying the envelope change maximally to the value on the vertically dragged corner and then degrading linearly to “applying it not” to the opposite end of the rectacle.

I hope I could make it clear, decribing with words sucks. Maybe I’ll do some pics.

benJam - you’ve made it clear enough for me to hope this is correct:

  1. Hovering mouse on a corner lights it up
  2. Dragging corner distorts envelope inside

Dragging the selection:

  1. After the distortion above, the top of the selection frame snapped to the new maximum point.
  2. Hovering mouse on the selection box lights it up
  3. And you can drag it (up and down at the very least) and see the min/max values of the selection

I’m thinking left/right wrapping behaviour as per Alt-drag mightn’t be very intuitive as this is a layman’s drag-and-drop: full 2D freedom of movement is more typical. Given this, overwriting all points within the destination timeframe seems to me the most obvious behaviour if there’s data already there.

Shift-key to constrain movement horizontally / vertically like Photoshop might (ie. more horizontal drag than vertical snaps the move to horizontal only.)

By the way… right after I opened this topic, I’d realised I’d accidentally put it in the 1.9 forum, instead of ideas and suggestions… probably a rude shock to the devs. I’d hardly expect this sort of enhancement to appear in the final 1.9! :-S

excactly, marty!