"Envelope Follower" meta tool for instruments idea

Heya, so I just had this idea that I think would be quite helpful for making instruments. The idea is that in the ‘Modulation’ tab I would be able to create envelopes for use in DSP chains, like we do for volume, panning, pitch, etc. Then there would be an ‘Envelope Follower’ meta tool that would grab data from the selected envelope and let me use it in DSP chains in the same way I’d use a Key Tracker or LFO tool.

I know that I can achieve similar results using the LFO unit with Key Tracker as a reset, but still think this might simplify things a bit. I’m also aware this might not be ideal for polyphonic instruments due to the way things are done, but my main use for such a tool would be for creating evolving/morphing basses and leads anyways so even if it only worked in mono mode I’d still be very happy.

That’s about it, thank you for your time!