Envelope Points Controllable

i would really love to see envelope points and loop start and end points in the instrument editor to be controllable from MIDI CC, Automation, LFO meta and pattern commands .
is this possible
anybody else see the creative potential in this ?

thanks for your time


this is something which is being desired a lot by me. There are chances that something similar will be possible in future versions: the general idea is to expose almost the same parameters for either XRNI/MIDI/VST.

check out RNI future thread for some similar ideas

I’ve suggestes something like this before, I can definitly see a great potential.

I love this idea! I have wanted to automate loop points for a long time… usually what I do is make a manual pass changing loop points with my mouse, and then I use soundflower or jack into ableton or the like. export the recording and load as a sample. Can you guys help me out?? times a wasting!

What if you could control points in an envelope and then assign an envelope to the point?? Oh, hot damn…

The now as freeware released version of discoDSP Highlife can be used for automating looppoints.