envelope presets assignable to macros

I love to switch and automate between envelopes , but currently we can only assign 2 envelopes to an. instr.macro …well we can assign more …but since an envelope is ON or Off…there are only 2 states possible .

It would be great if we could assign the envelopes presets to a macro knob

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I think assigning instr. envelopes presets to macros and automating these has HUGE potential …

This means 6 possible envelope curves under 1 macr knob




Would also be cool if there was an option to morph between env presets.

I presume you are referring to modulation envelopes, however you can achieve multiple envelope switching on the FX chain with a combination of LFO devices and formula devices.

Yes I mean modulation envelopes .

Having more then 2 env.'s available to assignable macros would be ace

Assigning presets to “switch” between them seems not so powerful.

Another steps to create some kind of “morphable envelopes” effect:

Copy the sample(s) multiple times, and let each copy have its own modulation chain. In the instrument fx chains, arrange it in a way that each mod chain outputs to it’s own fx chain with a gainer. Have a dummy chain with means of spreading a macro control to crossfade the input chains’ gainers. Formula device can help crossfading more than 2 of them, and you could also do some smoothing with it. Each dummy chain outputs to track or the main fx chain. Voila, crossfaded multiple envelopes via macro control. But dodgy, because you’ll need copies of each sample (sample aliasing would help), more “unneeded” processing would be done (more cpu usage), and you’ll need the unofficial formula device for zooming through more than 2 mod chains. I’ve already done this, but not for mod envelopes but for zooming through different waveforms with a control.

Other than having the envelope device have a control to morph between presets, one could let have mod chains have a different handling/option in sense of being able to do things in parallel somehow. Or with different elements in the chain that are added together instead of influencing each other when a mult is involved somewhere. Like a device that will set a new “starting point” so you could have an env and a mult operand before it (env of adjustable strength), while having another of the same construction after it, that’s not scaling the first envelope to zero when trying to kill it’s influence, so you could crossfade between the influence of multiple envelopes, lfo’s, and such directly in the mod chain. Together with more assignable macro controls or something like that, this could work too.