Envelope Trigger And Control

Instrument envelopes are a total superweapon IMHO. The only thing left to add is the ability to control an envelope from within a track.

I mean events like triggering an envelope on\off, choosing an envelope preset, maybe even automating the envelope change (that would be simply fantastic!).

Also a single envelope can be assigned to multiple instruments.

For these purposes even a special envelope effect column can be useful.

What you think?

probably things will go in this direction in the future.

Hope so.

i’d really like to see a multiple envelopes per instrument feature, where you can trigger one envelope from a range of different ones through song automation.

i’ve been copying one single sample like four or five times just in order to associate different filter and/or volume envelopes to it - quite a lot of redundancy which could certainly be avoided with the appopriate functionality within renoise.

yes, I also would like to see this implemented.

FT2 has a great feature regarding this: if you specify a different instrument number when playing a note, the new instrument’s envelope will be triggered for the old note:

C-4 01  
--- 02  

sample does not get retriggered: only the envelope, but with the one of instrument 02.

this is something we should let come back

@keith303… Yeah, that would be ace! I agree entirely.

The Instrument Envelope feature of Renoise is excellent and indeed a Super Weapon as stated by the OP, but it certainly needs some extra muscle. Any enhancements are more than welcome in any form.

Multi envelopes and retriggering would both be very very handy.