Envelopes And A Few Other Things.


Here’s a few ideas to improve the envelopes and ‘synthesis’ capabilities of Renoise.

It would be really cool if the Volume-envelope could actually ‘amplify/distort’ the sample,
this would make it possible to do envelope-controlled distortion/amplification,
4 distortion methods could be availbale, limit, warp, clip and distort, the distortion should be applied in a way that the distortion is still present even after decreasing the tracks volume.

The Pitch envelope values should be set by Semitone/Cent instead of numerical value, this would make precise pitch adjustments easier. Also the pitch envelope should have a option to ‘set’ the values rather than slide between them.

What about adding multiple evenlopes per instrument(Pitch, Amp, Filter) that can be selected with an effect-command?(this would make it possible to have different filter envelopes/instrument and make it possible to add more dynamics to the music, different filter settings for soft/hard pianosounds for example).

Layering of samples has been discussed before, here’s an addition.

As each instrument can hold upto 16 samples it would be way cool to layer them and have a x-fade envelope that can fade thru each of the samples or even set the sample?

When setting the sample the sample in question would be triggered making it possible to simulate wavestationlike rythmic sequences?

For fading 0% would play the first sample, 100% would play the last, if the value is between 2 samples they could be mixed so there would be a ‘volumesweep’ from one sample to the other, this could be used to create morphing soundscapes and be great for experimentation.

For the filter envelopes in general it would be nice to be able to ‘apply’ the envelopes to the sample.

I know it’s possible to apply track dsp to the sample but i’d rather see that the sample editor would play the samples without track dsp and have it’s own ‘apply dsp to sample’ function.

It’s insane that the sample sounds different depending on wich track was selected before entering the sample editor.

The sample editor could also use a simple recording feature to get some sounds into renoise, i know stuff can be sampled with other apps but as renoise is such a cool app i’d rather stay inside renoise and do the stuff.

Finally a simple waveform generator with basic waves(sin, tri, saw, pul, noise maybe simple fm).

Some of that above may make some sense and then again maybe not.

You can achieve this (if I’m understanding it correctly) by using the native distortion effect. You can automate the Wet/dry sliders.

If you want to change the volume easy (without fidling with the wet/dry settings) you can just chain a ‘gainer’ and use this to set/automate the overall volume of the channel.

Ok, it’s probably more work this way instead of the ‘volume with distortion’ way.
But it should do the trick…

[EDIT] : Just saw that you talked about the SAMPLE and not the channel/track, sorry :blink:


And what about the low, mid, high and vol distortion possibility currently to be found in the filter envelopes (resonance/cutoff)? :huh:


What about first applying amp-envelope and then filtering it??
This is trycky to do on per/sample basis without the improved amp-envelope.

There are some cases where you want to have fixed effects upon certain samples… (throughout the whole song)…

You may be able to use the render-to-sample option in the pattern editor by waveshaping the sample to the desired effect in steps (because of certain effectcombinations even with dsp / vst effects, you can’t do in one time), but there are very nice sample effect processors around that can do a hell of a job in one click.

It’s just how Renoise’s effect-processor works:the result of the applied dsp effects are routed directy to the mastertrack or through the sendtracks.
Also in the pattern editor you have more power over what range what effect is applied to an instrument as in the instrument envelopes you only have a range of ticks you can apply to it (and this is even instrument based, not sample based) and this is i believe no more than 1000 ticks.

There are a lot of things that can be added to the instrument-structure.
One of them is a total restructurisation by using a sample-pool and one can pick as many samples per instrument as there are semitones in each available octave.

You share a point with a few of us in this (including me)
Currently you can’t be exactly precise with setting the envelope nodes.
When you hold the control-key there is a somewhat finetune mode, but still not precise upon the promille.

You mean something like using an effect command to call one of the ten envelope presets for each envelope.
Currently, those presets are stored in the general user-file, not with the song.
But this may be a good idea to consider.

There are some distincts to make when a composing application is designed and one of them is it’s core function. The core function of a tracker is sample-based composing with or without help of MIDI devices.

Waveform generators do not really fit this type of application, besides there are a lot of VSTi’s that can do this particular job pretty good.

Or you can always try to make your own.

So there is no real good reason to add an embedded feature like this unless there is no (good) existing solution.


I know that using ‘render to sample’ is a good way to apply effects to a sample. To make it a workable solution Renoise needs a ‘song buffer’ feature where one of the songs can be used to create loops/samples and the other to sequence them into a song.(and some way of internally sending/sharing the samples between the buffers).

Just as vvoois described i ment an fx command that would change the envelope of an instrument. I guess the ‘sample pool’ will cure this in the future.

It should by then also be possible to use portions of a samples in the pool with the instruments(ie. slice a drumloop/vocals into individual samples etc.).

One of the few reasons i wanted a simple wave generator is that the workflow(at least for me) gets interrupted when switching/jumping between apps.

There has been many thoughts and ideas for a better and extended RNI format. Like in this thread.

IMHO this is an important and repeated issue, so why not pin one of those threads?

Any moderators/Admins agree?