Envelopes over many patterns

How about an option to link (merge) several patterns together,
to get one bigger pattern?

pat1=40 lines ;pat2=40 lines ;pat3=40 lines ;pat4=40 lines
merge to pat0=160 lines

At least it would solve the whole problem with stretching envelopes,
over a number of patterns (very usefull for subtle volume fadeins/outs).

But i guess it can be done when there is an “ff” size limit to each pattern :(
(but that is supposed to be changed, right taktik?)

merging only the envelopes without the patterns would be confusing. how would you control (and show) them after they are merged ?
and yes, the 0xFF patternlines will be changed to at least 0x200.

No that not really what i meant…

What i was thinking about was the possiblity to select a number of tracks,(maybe in the pat.seq?) and merge them into the first one.
That way you wouldn’t really link them togheter but just put all of them into one of them instead. Now that would be possible to do if the line max is increased.

I have another idea …

it basically need the possibility to select several patterns in a row, (with the mouse maybe in the pattern-list) and then the envelopeview-window shrinks to display the patterns, then after I made my changes it breaks it up to the envelopes for the patterns. a little sketch of that :

with the lines representing the end and start of each pattern.

Actually, I like both ideas! =) The first one would be more useful all round, tho the other method should work very well if more features that work over several patterns would be implemented.