Envelopes Per Keyzone

Hi guys,

I must say I love all the functionality that has been added in the last update and Renoise is really becoming better and more complete as a studio solution.

I’ve been thinking about a feature that might have been discussed before, but I’ll just adress it anyway.

Now when Renoise allows the user to create drumkits, custom keyzones and different samples for different velocities etc for each instrument, why is there yet no option to control the envelope for each keyzone? Even old samplers from the 80’s have this option, a damn good option when working with drumkits for example.

This is of course possible if I create a new instrument for each sample, but wouldn’t it be great to include this option in ONE sample instrument? Adding this feature together with the slicer would be awesome. I don’t want to apply the same envelope to all the slices, maybe I want a softer attack for one hit… and a snappy attack for another. You get the deal.

Right now you are only allowed to turn the envelope off, which is not really an ideal solution.

Is this something you plan on implementing? :rolleyes:

If there would be a new poll, I think this one will make the list, seeing it has been requested so many times B)

I like how Absynth handles envelopes. Saving them separately from the entire patch, making it easier to organize and recall them.

Adding another suggestion, it would great if envelopes were not hard-linked but completely modular so the user can recall whatever envelope any time. Example, tapping or programming a series of C-4 notes whilst changing each tapped or programmed note’s envelope.

Edit: Modular type envelopes would also save the user from having to copy a sample just to have several types of envelopes in a single musical phrase. Non destructive patchable and programmable envelopes.