Eoism - Cellarworx EP

Hello, we are “Eoism”, an electro project from Germany. We would like to introduce our first record: “Cellarworx EP”

This 6-track EP will be available end of this year at Clone Record Shop on vinyl.

You can listen to the Tracks on Souncloud:


We have also just finished our first video for this release. You can watch it here:

We hope that you enjoy our music!

Artist: Eoism
Title: Cellarworx EP
Label: Pulse Drift
Distribution: https://clone.nl
Release: Dezember 2016
Contact: http://www.facebook.com/eoism.electro

like that bass !

Thank you LEK. Glad you like it!

Clone records , the pride of Holland .

Great tune !

Reminds me of drexciya

p.s. any reason why you post this on the renoise forum …?

Clone are amazing! We’re thrilled they distribute our stuff! Great opportunity…

gentleclockdivider, we’re posting this in the Renoise forum cos a lot of that stuff had Renoise involved…