Ep: Ardeer - Safeplace

Hey guys! I’m not a frequent poster but I thought I’d start a thread and ruthlessly promote the EP I’ve just released. I know that it’s very short but I’m pretty pleased with it and I’d like to hear any feedback people are willing to give. It was produced entirely on Renoise and features a bit of wonky ambient cassette tape stuff. Many thanks to Denim from these forums for mastering the release for me!


love it B)

Wow. I think it’s amazing!

I hope you don’t mind if I say it reminds me a bit of Boards of Canada, one of my favourites. This, but nevertheless it’s very original. I see you’re from Scotland too, maybe this is a good place to create music with this special atmosphere…

Wanna buy this after the weekend, I’m AFK right now, sort of.
Oh come on. Bought right away. :)

Below the Surface is excellent

Thanks very much to all of you guys; really appreciate the flattery and interest you’ve shown in my work!

I’m especially satisfied with your comment f+d+k, it’s nice being compared to a band who I think are an influence for about half of all ambient electronic musicians, especially since I’ve admired them for many years :) And yeah, I wouldn’t wish to be making my music in pretty much any other country - there’s definitely a lot to draw inspiration from in Scotland and there will hopefully never fail to be things which inspire me to compose. Thanks for buying man!