EP - Season of Mists

Hi Renoise friends! Put out a little EP that was made exclusively in Renoise, so thought it might be worthwhile to post here (think it’s actually a deece example of how flexible the program is, as it uses a variety of styles). Hope you enjoy!


Man this EP is amazing.So relaxing and well balanced.You must be a very special person cause the emotions that comes out of your music,I just can’t fiind the words to describe it.It would be amazing if you could brake down one of this tracks on a video for us.Do post more of your songs.

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Cheers M8! Very touched by this reply, means to world to hear feedback like this.

Pick a track - when I have some time post exams n such I’ll put up a vid. :slight_smile:

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Centurion is the one that interests me more because it has mixed feelings in it.

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nice ep man i really like the textures.
Are those strings that start at 2:07 in centurion?

Thnx! Yep, little bit of pizzicato, always good for the soul :slight_smile:

Really good stuff. A nice mix of acoustic/synthetic sounds. Elfin, Anne and Centurion are the tracks that stuck out the most for me.

Thanks so much moodorf! Glad you enjoyed!

Fyi, this is now also available to stream on Spotify

Stoix haven’t forgotten, will try and record video of Centurion in Renoise over the weekend. Ttfn!


Hey S.! Apologies, took forever to get this recorded (some re-shuffling of the home studio delaying many musical things). Let me know if any questions on anything you see here (glad to clarify). Enjoy!


Better late then ever :wink:.F@ck that track is so good.

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Man, this is really cool! Great feeling and flow :clap::clap:

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Cheers M8! :slight_smile: