Epic Acidstep-Pop-Prog-Hybrid

Hey! Here’s my new kinda-dunno-what-genre-it-is tune. It’s called Laocoön, and it developed from a simple idea of blending a 303 acid line with dubstep. It turned into something kinda different though. Be warned that it takes a couple of minutes before the acid drops.


I really hope you like it. Feel free to comment & criticise!

I like the last part the best, it makes me happy :)

double u ti ef!
awesome stuff.

I really enjoyed the part from 3:40 there the bass line gets thick. But the track is more than only just one phrase, all the sound at all was interesting to hear. Hope you try some others experiments with acid lines!

Thank you! I just might. I kinda suspected people would like the latter half of the song better, but I think every bit needs to be there. That said I’ve thought of remixing it cutting it down to the bone - 303 and drums only!

I’m kind of in love with the 303, so I’ll definitely do more acidic stuff in the future.

Got your hands on a real one?

I don’t think i could afford it. What’s the best (free/cheap) emulation around do ya’ll think?

I don’t use it but heard a few people say this is about the best out there.

This did seem to be the favourite a few years ago.

This is meant to be pretty good and a bit cheaper.

I think you can these days download ReBirth for free too…