Eq Comparison

I try to learn more about eq and have tried several vst’s and the renoise eq.
Found out that NCL EQ is quite cool
and has a nice sound for my needs , but found the cpu load quite high compared to other products.
After some weird thinking I have put the same start values the ncl eq has in default mode
in renoise eq10.
After sort of A/B checking if I had the same values I noticed renoise eq gave me a other sound
than the ncl 10 . Thinking yeah maybe ncl 10 is just nicer I have done the same thing with REAEQ from
Reaper plugin pack. The result was exactly the same as I had with ncl eq.
So … who gives the real eq frequencies?
There are a couple of possiblities but i leave it with this ones:
Or renoise eq 10 is mistaking or ncl eq and reaeq have it by the wrong end.
I did test it only by ear, I am not very good with frequency analyzers.

I would like to ask if someone noticed this too.
And what could be the effects on mixing since I want to go use renoise only for everything
so I can export and send it to a fellow renoise musician for easy sharing without hassle.
I am still in the learn process of equalization so accurate values are important for me.
Kind of a strange post maybe but I think its important.

All EQs are built differently, based on different types of filters with different characteristics, and designed to do different jobs. Some are designed to be as accurate and transparent as possible, while others are designed to give a more ‘musical’ sound and enhance certain frequencies in a pleasing way. Look at all the different EQs that Voxengo offers, for example, or the hundreds and hundreds of different EQs listed in KVR Audio’s plug-in database.

So, most of the time you cannot simply A/B compare two different EQs and then say one of them is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, because they are probably designed quite differently to begin with.

Just pick one that sounds OK and use it. As you learn more about the different types of EQ out there, and you feel more confident in your skills, then you can start to explore different options. But for right now just focus on your sound instead of technical details.

You explained it very nice, thank you .
You’re right, sometimes I’m too distracted by technical details from actual song making.
I do wonder, what do you mean with ‘musical sound’?
And by the way, congratulations with your joining the renoise team !

This often refers to the effect having some saturation and stuff like that, or a more ‘analogue’ sound. Basically anything that will colour the sound or make it sound warmer, where some frequencies might overlap a bit and become slightly exaggerated, etc. The focus is usually to create a more pleasant and harmonic tone, rather than perfect scientific results.

It is notable that 2.7 beta has an easier-to-use EQ design.

EDIT: Although, I suppose the actual sound isn’t affected.

I have no trouble with the sound of renoise eq’s . Eq 5 is often my first choice to quick fix a sound.
I understood that there was some difference, but did not know where the differences might be.
The new design of the eq’s in renoise is very nice indeed !