Eq10 & Eq5 : Automate From Graph

Thank god, EQ 10’s & EQ5 sliders are now fully automated, cool, :rolleyes:

… but right clicking inside the graph itself doesn’t record any automation nor pattern commands

Could it be improved ?

! shameless bump !

right clicking changes the Q…

…and this Q is NOT automated through the graph.

It would be even better if we could modify AND automate the frequencies/bands with the right click.

yeh perhaps, but right click animation is done even when Edit Mode (record) isn’t on. so it would only be frustrating to me if I just want to adjust the Q through the graph (without wanting to automate)…

The only way to satisfy everybody would be then to create an option (a checkbox for example) that allow or disallow “automation from EQ graph”. If that box is checked, you can automate from the EQ graph, if not, you keep the same actual behaviour.