EQs with all pass filter


I am looking for an EQ which also provides all pass filters, but like Disperser an allpass filter with variable resonance and strength. The bigger Melda EQs have an allpass band option, but it seems to be quite limited, there is no amount and it does not sound as effective as Disperser. Any idea?

Did you try Meldas Mfreeformphase?

Hm, thx ,will try again, but it had a huge latency, I think because it is FFT based.

Hm, all other solutions I know, don`t match the desired requirements.

I don`t know about Download Free All pass filter plugin: Dont Phase Me Bro by sleepyCat (plugins4free.com)

PhaseNudge | Airwindows

and ReaEQ.

I think even Renoise could make it into a phase mess, with its own tools. It depends on what you want to archive.

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