Equal Division Microtuning WITHOUT external tools/plugins

As you may know, there is a tool available to load scala files and retune an instrument to the scala file. This tool is great, however, it has limitations; as far as I know, there is no way for it to be compatible with soundfont type instruments that have different samples for different note ranges, and this technique works around that.
To do this, go to the pitch modulation of the instrument, add a key tracker, and then make its effect positive or negative depending on if you want a higher or lower amount of notes per octave (I think this could theoretically work with equal divisions of non-octave intervals as well, but I’m not mathematically savvy enough to intuitively know), and then adjust the pitch range to set the divisions. I just do it by ear until the octave interval sounds pure.
This technique is kind of janky but it works good enough for me. I was able to get 17EDO by having negative pitch key tracking with the pitch range set to 17.5. I compared it with the scala-tuned 17EDO and they were indistinguishable to my ear.
I’d attach a project file to demonstrate this, but I apparently am too new of a user to post files. Hopefully someone can get some use out of this.

You also don’t have to use octaves for the range. So, for instance, you could have 17 equal divisions of 5 semitones, or any arbitrary combination that you wish

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