Equalizer Idea, Wondering If It Already Exists

A parametric eq that attenuates (or increases) by an adjustable amount, a band (or bands) dynamically following the peak frequency/frequencies of another input signal.

For example, say that I have a group of tracks that I want eq’d to make room for the bassline.
I have the first group of tracks routed to Send 1, which has my eq.

The eq then receives (but does not playback) user defined input, in this case the bassline, and accordingly modulates the audio on Send 1 by a user defined bandwidth and amount, derived from the peak frequency of my bassline.

Voila! I don’t have to fiddle with a static parametric setup.

Can someone point me in the direction of such a beast, or make a vst if it doesn’t?

this sounds like an awesome idea…but implementation as a VST device strikes a problem

to my knowledge each vst device you add acts independantly of each other instance of the same device if you use more than one (…correct me if I’m wrong someone who actually knows the guts of this) and if this is the case I cant see a way you can have it collecting an input from one channel and then applying something to another channel based on what is happening in the original one…unless you can work around this somehow to have a common file that it always reports back to which is seperate to the main VST device code…or something

…like I said I might be totally wrong about this :)

sounds to me that there is alot of sidechain wishes popping up here latly. :)