Another problem I always have is getting my mixes to sound good through a stereo. I just made a pattern and it sounds great through my headphones but hten when i run it through my stereo it sounds like absolute CRAP!

Does anyone have any links or tutorials that cover how to get all the tracks equalized out so everyting fits nice and sounds good?

thanks again


does your stereo has got any own eq-settings? if so, then turn them to flat so you get a kind of “neutral” sound. i can give you some links with eq-tutorials + tips & tricks but they’re all german

Yep, turn off the hifi eq or reset the bands to flat. Other than that, if you seriously want to get into music - consider to buy a proper pair of monitors.
Also - this thread might help: Production Tips


I ran across those production tips last night after my post.

yeah the stereo was flat. i got it a little better by adding eq’s to the bass drum tracks. they are really low freq dnb style… i just slid the 50hz seeting all the way off and it seemed to help some. I just need to learn how to mix everything (among a lot of other stuff :) )

just remember, garbage in, garbage out. no reason to EQ the hell out of a drumloop thats broken to begin with. every time you EQ something, you introduce phasing into the mix. EQ, much like all effects, is a type of distortion. get it right the first time and get good samples to begin with. save yourself the hassle (and the headache!) of trying to “fix” shitty samples!

hope this helps.

Rule of thumb with EQ: reductive.

yeah, subtractive eq only! as much as possible anyway :D Foo knows.

You can boost of course, but it takes a while to know where and how much. My rule of thumb is that if I’ve got an issue with tone, it’s usually needs reducing in the bass or treble. Mids require narrower reductive filtering and often need to be individually tunned to the specific input sound.

Boosts only come after you’ve expended all the reductive approaches. Sometimes dull stuff can do with a gentle wide boost somewhere between 9-13k, for example. If you’re pushing up bass and doing it well you’ve both got a tunned sub monitor and you’ve got lots of experience in filter off the low-subs and mids to tighten it. And you’re probably side-chaining too with a kick.

GREAT thread, thanks alot, looking forward to trying this out :)

Will nail to the wall definitaly.


How long have you been producing for mate? If you are relatively new to all this, I promise you that this is NORMAL. It takes a long long time to figure all this stuff out.

The best thing I can suggest is just keep working and working. Read everything you can and have fun making music. You will get better in time and there will come a point when you dont even think about your mixdowns that much, they just happen.

Things to remember…

EQ is your friend, but in software, when you are a relative beginner, only use subtractive style. This means never BOOST anything. Just cut stuff away.

You should roll the low end off at about 30hz

Dont listen to your headphones too loud, it will affect your judgement (and damage your ears)

Practice practice practice. If it sounds shit, throw it away and start something else fresh.

Obviously you can do what you want with production, but the more you now the better your mixes will be…

But dont get obsessed with the technical side too much… Use it to make music. That is all it is good for. Without a tune that is cool, there is no point learning to produce!