Erased And Feelings

Made over a few months (since I’ve only worked on it when I was in the short mood for it). Enjoy :)

OH boy, there is so much going on!
I liked it.
Especially the outro.

I like complex noise :) I’m pretty pleased with the outro also ;)

  • for that complex sounds, and yeah i agree outro is realy good ;)

cool glitches an variations, just when it picks up musically near the end, the beat ends and the outro ambiance starts. You could repeat those patterns starting at 1.53 to 2.18 one more time, maybe?

Thanks a lot for the comment :)

I should probably repeat that pattern, yeah. Thanks for the suggestion, as I can actually hear how it sounds a bit wrong now! :P Too bad SoundCloud doesn’t allow you to extend stuff and then reupload (without effin’ up comments and whatnot) :(