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This is a first mix I finished yesterday. Done in renoise 2.7.

Vocals by Birx, guitars by Juho.

Nice one, I like :yeah:

Maybe bit less chorus or someting…

If you mean the effect on vocals, this is not chorus but flanger. Unfortunately this is neccessary to give this type of vocal effect some body (without it, it sounds more like whispering). But you are right, the parameters are bit wrong so it sounds too modulated right now. Needs some more tweaking.

I didn’t mean the vocals in particular. It’s a bit like the complete mix is on chorus exept the kik snare and hihat. But maybe that was the goal, don’t mind it to much ;) Love the track :guitar:

Maybe the bass track has some chorus on it, have to check. I am quite sure I haven’t used chorus elsewhere.

Very good amd powerful industral metal before i go to sleep :)

By the way Suva… I’m the one person that commented on the track, as you know from our convos on IRC im an industrial l<3ver, and seriously man… this is GOLD. Pure talent. I didn’t even know it was done in .7 AWESOME WORK BROTHER!!!


Hey Suva,
Maybe it’s just me, like i said don’t mind it too much… I think it a great track!!