Error Trying To Buy Renoise

Hi all,

not sure if anyone had this before but I tried to purchase renoise during the weekend. After filling in my credit card number I got to a page with a confirmation button and a ‘synopsis’ of my order. After clicking the button I got back to the previous page (the order form). No confirmation message, no email received and it seems no charge from my bank either though I will need to wait for a week now just to make sure.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

some times it can take awhile to get the confimation mail,it did when i bought renoise,actually i wrote to swreg about not having recieved the confirmation mail

so if you havent got it in the time perion stated,then you might try writing to them

Might be the best if you contact us (support@renoise…) or me (taktik@renoise…) directly. Then we can sort this out. We might need your real name and so on, which I dont want to ask for in this forum…