Hi. I’m trying renoise out for the first time, and pretty much trying vstis out for the first time, too. I’m having trouble with the free vsti “ERSDRUMS”.

This one:

I can get the kick drum to play, but nothing else. The little fiddly light thingies show that the snare, hat, whatever plays when I hit said note, but no sounds come out. I’ve played with midi channels, changed the channel on the television, even tried swimming the English channel, and, err… bad puns…

Well, anyway, I’m new to this, so what am I doing wrong? :rolleyes:


I have another problem with ERS drums and ERS Iblit

There are numeric values there which I can only change by entering a certain number. The problem is - I can’t enter any number, in Renoise they only respond as a keyboard for entering notes, so I can’t type anything into VSTis :(

This plugin features ‘Individual output channels for each drum sound’
I saw.
so maybe it has to do something with the thing discussed below:…e7e1462a0267370

That’s what the “enable keyboard” checkbox at the bottom of the window is for. :o

ah, hell… So that’s what is it for? :unsure: I feel stupid…