Esox - Resigned 2 Collapse EP [HARDCORE]

(Esox) #1

Hi all !

I wanted to post here some preview of my next EP soon to be released, because it’s been made 90 % of it using Renoise which is quite new to me, and also because it’s gonna be released on a brand new free net label : Collapse Records.

It will contain 3 tracks : 2 mainstream hardcore, and one more industrial influenced one.

So here is the very first preview of this 3 tracker, the title track, made 100 % on Renoise :

If you want to stay updated with infos from me :

and if you want to stay updated with the label :

I hope you enjoy :wink: (of course if you do not like hard electronic music, then I guess you won’t)

(Esox) #2

2nd preview out of 3 :walkman:

Track : Different

This one has been made for one part on my old software, and like 80 % on Renoise. I blended out the result to get this track done.

(Esox) #3

And here is finally the last but not least track out of 3, a darker and industrial influenced sick track. i like it a lot. Produced 100 % on Renoise, that was the opportunity to learn how to change beat definition an also play with the BPM… :slight_smile:

Track Title : “The Misanthrope”

Feel free to download the full EP on Collapse Records 'sites in a few days !