Essential Short Cut Keys?

I would love to know just a few which people find really helpful…

I know a few (Skip Octaves) / up *down

Skip Patterns ctrl and arrows

Instrument Selection alt and arrows

i know its lazy not to look through the manual… but its huuuuge!

just like one or two apart from the ones i mentioned that you find using the whole time…


boy with a slow workflow

There are loads of useful shortcuts. Depends on the situation.
Ctrl + Home (PgUp/PgDown) are also really nice navigation shortcuts.
Left Shift + Right Ctrl to play from cursor position.
And my favourite combinations are [Shift + Alt + Z] [Shift + PgUp/PgDown] for fast selecting and [Alt + 1/2/3/4] to switch between clipboards.

And the more I get used to every kind of shortcuts the more I understand what’s the main feature in Renoise - workflow.